The ZTDS pump needs to use a vertical drive, and the thrust load of the pump and the weight of the rotor will be supported by the thrust bearing of the pump.

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The ZTDS pump needs to use a vertical drive, and the thrust load of the pump and the weight of the rotor will be supported by the thrust bearing of the pump.


Viewed from the drive end, the pump rotates clockwise.

Pump body/pump cover

The pump body is radially split, and the pump body and the pump cover are sealed by a gasket whose compression is limited; the pump body with a diameter of more than 80mm adopts a double volute design to reduce the radial force caused by hydraulic force and reduce the pump body. Vibration; there is a residual liquid outlet on the pump body. The suction and discharge flanges of the pump body have connections for measurement and seal flushing.

The inlet and outlet flanges of the pump have the same pressure level, the same nominal diameter, and a straight line distribution in the vertical axis. The flange connection form and implementation standard of inlet and outlet can be changed according to the size and pressure level required by users, and ZTDS, DIN and ANSI standards can be selected. The pump cover has the functions of heat preservation and cooling, and can be used to transport media with special requirements for temperature. There is a vent plug on the pump cover, which can exhaust the gas in the pump and pipeline before the pump is started.


This series of pumps is a single-stage, single-suction, closed-type impeller, which consists of a key and an impeller with a wire threaded sleeve.

The nut is installed on the shaft, and the wire screw sleeve has a self-locking function. The installation of the impeller is safe and reliable; all impellers are balanced. When the ratio of the maximum outer diameter of the impeller to the width of the impeller is less than 6, it needs to be balanced. Designed to maximize pump cavitation performance. The axial force of the pump is balanced by the front and rear wear rings of the impeller and the balance hole. The wear rings of the pump and impeller can be replaced to keep the pump hydraulically efficient.

sealed cavity

The size of the seal cavity meets the needs of packing seals or various mechanical seals. The packing seal cavity and the mechanical seal cavity can be used in common, and are equipped with seal cooling and flushing systems. The arrangement of the sealed pipeline circulation system meets the requirements of API682 standard.

Bearing assembly

The ZTDS series pump bears the pump load by the rolling bearing, including the load of the pump, the weight of the rotor and the instantaneous load caused by the start of the pump. The bearings are mounted in an integrated bearing frame, and the bearings are lubricated with grease. The weight of the ZTD series pump motor is completely borne by the pump; the motor is designed to withstand the axial force generated by the pump, including the instantaneous axial force generated when the pump starts.


The standard design is that the pump has a thrust bearing, and a flexible coupling with an extension is available for easy removal of the thrust bearing and mechanical seal. Optional design without thrust bearing structure, providing a four-part rigid coupling with an intermediate section, but the price needs to be increased.

Motor frame

The motor frame of steel structure has enough length to meet the requirements of installing the coupling and removing and installing the mechanical seal and bearing without removing the motor. Standard coupling guards are provided and the pump assembly mates with the motor mounting surface spigots.


Sealed piping meets the requirements of API682.

Scope of application

■ Refinery, petrochemical plant, general industrial process ■ Coal chemical and cryogenic engineering

■ Water supply and water treatment, seawater desalination ■ Pipeline pressurization

■ Offshore platform

Performance parameters

■ Flow Q: 3 - 600 m3/h

■ Head H: 4 - 120m

■ Working pressure P: 0 - 2.5MPa

■ Operating temperature T: ZTD series: -20℃ - +150℃

ZTDS series: -20℃ - +250℃

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This pump is suitable for conveying clean or particle-containing liquids, low-temperature or high-temperature liquids, neutral or corrosive liquids.

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