ZTB series standardized I pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pumps, the size and performance conform to DIN24256/ISO2858 standards.

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Product consultation:

ZTB series standardized I pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pumps, the size and performance conform to DIN24256/ISO2858 standards.

The performance range of ZTB series standard chemical pump includes all the performance of IH series standard chemical pump, its efficiency, cavitation performance and other indicators are higher than IH pump, and can be interchanged with IH type pump stand-alone.


Transport low temperature or high temperature liquid; neutral or corrosive liquid; clean or liquid containing solid particles. Especially for:

■Chemical and petrochemical industries

■ Refinery

■Paper mills and pulp industry

■Sugar industry performance

■ Diameter DN 32-300mm

■Flow Q can reach 2000m3/h

■Head H can reach 160m

■Working pressure P 2.5MPa

■Working temperature T-80°C~+300°C

The characteristic curve is flat, the cavitation value is low, and the efficiency is high. These properties are also maintained at full load.

Design Features

The pressure acting on the shaft seal is balanced by the balance hole on the auxiliary vane or impeller. The shaft seal can be sealed with soft packing (can be cooled or not) or single and double mechanical seals of various structures (balanced type can be used). Ball bearings are durable and shaft diameters are generously sized to ensure smooth operation. The pump body of some specifications is designed as a double volute casing to balance the radial force. The bearing frame, including the shaft, impeller, stuffing box, etc., forms a combined part, so that the pump body does not need to be removed from the pipeline for maintenance (if the extended coupling is used, the motor does not need to be removed). Flange designs are available in PN16 and PN25 (depending on material), and are also available for ANSI 125 psi or 150 psi.

conveying medium

■Inorganic and organic acids such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid at various temperatures and concentrations.

■Alkaline solutions such as sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate at various temperatures and concentrations.

■Various salt solutions.

■Various liquid petrochemical products and organic compounds. And other corrosive raw materials and products. At present, the corrosion-resistant materials of our factory can meet the requirements of the above-mentioned various media. When ordering, please provide the details of the medium to be conveyed.

Related Products


ZTS petrochemical process pump isdesigned according to API610 7thedition and VDMA24297 (light/medium)standard.


The ZTDS pump needs to use a vertical drive, and the thrust load of the pump and the weight of the rotor will be supported by the thrust bearing of the pump.


The pump is a single-stage, horizontal, radial partial flow pump (also called a tangential pump), which is a special centrifugal pump. Adopt bracket structure, single suction fully open impeller, axial suction and tangential discharge. Packing seal, single-end mechanical seal or double-end mechanical seal are used according to the conditions of use, and are equipped with cooling, flushing or sealing liquid systems, and the rated pressure levels of the suction and discharge flanges are the same. Viewed from the motor end, the pump turns counterclockwise.


This pump is suitable for conveying clean or particle-containing liquids, low-temperature or high-temperature liquids, neutral or corrosive liquids.

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